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Nail Art Tools

Dotting Tool Set – $7 for the whole set
(All in different sizes)

Nail art! What’s more than decorating your own nails YOURSELF!?

Due to the increase in demand, I have tried out some of the cartoons myself. It’s my first time so it’s not perfect! More nail art designs can be found on youtube! Go try it out!

Pink Nail Buffer (4-way)
$$2.50 each

2-way Buffer
$3 each

4-step Buffer
$3.50 each

Blue Nail Buffer (4-way)
$$2.50 each

White Nail Buffer (4-way)
$$2.50 each

Black Nail File
$2.50 each

Nail Art Set
A nail tech’s best tool! Consisting of: Black nail file, 3 wooden sticks, 1 nail art brush and 1 pink nail buffer.
1 set for $8 (UP $11)

Wooden Sticks (a set of 5)
A nail tech’s best tool! Push back cuticles, remove polish from skin while polishing. Makes a handy tool for nail art.
1 set of 5for $2.50


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