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Finding your favourite nail polish has never been easier.

Welcome to NailPolicious.com! We’ve made this site a user-friendly platform for all customers to navigate around.  If you do not know the colour code that you want belongs to which collection, just hit the keyword in the search bar by the side! You will be able to find the colour.

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We have not uploaded ALL the collection colours yet (as there are way TOO MANY!) You can just order the colour you want by typing into the order form (can be found at the top menu), we will update you accordingly!

Happy exploring!


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($10 each)

81119 – Whirled Away
81120 – it’s a Trap-Eze!
81121 – Escaping Reality
81122 – Surreal Appeal
81123 – Def Defying
81124 – Running In Circles
81125 – Hanging in the Balance
81126 – Water You Waiting For
81127 – Creative Fantasy
81128 – Bend Over Backwards
81129 – Igniting Love
81130 – Get Carried Away

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The information below is based on my experience and research. I do not claim that all the information are correct (but mostly I guess!)

There are a lot of rumours going online stating how to spot FAKE OPIs: 2 ball bearings, ridges, labels and fonts.. But one thing for sure that an OPI polish is fake: The colour code and name do not tally with your nail polish. Check out the colors on their OPI Nail Studio at www.opi.com, and see if your colour match the name stated below the bottle! It is like an application where you can click on the colors to match your skin color and nail length. Try it!

Here’s some tips to check the authenticity of your OPI:

Image from: http://www.jerinelay.com/2011/05/differentiate-real-fake-opi.html

The real OPI brush has an embossed logo on the top of the brush. For dark shades, it is rather hard to notice it. If you want to check, clear the paint near the bottle head. The logo is engraved on the brush, therefore you can actually feel the texture of the word ‘OPI’. However for the earlier collections, they do not do this practice though.

Image from: http://www.jerinelay.com/2011/05/differentiate-real-fake-opi.html

You can see that there is a sticker at the bottom of the bottle, consisting of the above items. Make sure the color code matches the name of the color. You will have to refer to OPI website for the color code.

Image from: http://www.jerinelay.com/2011/05/differentiate-real-fake-opi.html

There is a “peel here” sign on the sticker. If you peel it, there is a list of ingredients. And on the other part of the sticker, the color name and code are printed on it. There is no way you can stick back the “peel here” tab.

However, I must stress that not all authentic OPIs have 2 layers of stickers at the bottom! In some cases (it does happen!), they simply drop off! It’s because the manufacturer did not stick them properly thus they can drop in the white OPI boxes which they were being packed into.

In another case, for those with only 1 sticker and no barcode. Fret not! This is the inner label (as shown in the above picture) after the outer sticker is being peeled off. The question is, why are they being peeled off? As you can see, the outer sticker consists of barcodes and a production code. The problem is with the production code, OPI is able to trace the source of where these are distributed out of the country. So to avoid getting into trouble with OPI (which may end up not being able to shipped out of their country anymore), some e-tailers have peeled off the outer sticker. In the recent years, OPI has been very strict about this.

Some people might think that only GREEN labels are authentic. But you are wrong! There are also OPI which have black labels, it’s just that they are from the older collections!

OPI likes to change their appearance of the OPI polishes! Thus if you have the exactly 2 same OPI polishes, but one has a black label while the other has a green label, it’s not that either one of them is fake! As shown in the picture below~

Image from: http://polishedme.wordpress.com/tag/opi-black-labels/

Many online sites concluded that authentic OPI bottle caps all have ridges inside their cap. Let’s take a look at this:

Left: C84: Don’t Wine… Yukon Do It!; Right: U02: Crown Me Already!

Left bottle is from a very old collection while the right one is one of the newest collections. The bottle caps from the old productions do not have ridges, only until recently they include the ridges in their production!

Adding on to that, some sites claimed that only bottles with 4 logos are real. But that is so wrong! Bottles with 4 logos are just the later productions from OPI, however somewhere along the way, they switched back to the 3 symbols again. They kept changing the sizes and positions of the logos.

Even those with 3 logos (2nd and 3rd bottle), there have different sizes. The logos are also different.

Most bottles have barcodes or a series of numbers engraved on the bottles. However, for some bottles the numbers may have been removed by e-tailers, who are scared of being traced.

On the bottle caps, the numbers are scraped off by the e-tailers.

The outer sticker is removed as well (mentioned above).

As you can on the bottle on the left, there is a line of faint numbers engraved on the bottle. Some distributors have scrapped off the numbers, resulting in a faint scratched mark as shown on the right. Also, notice the serial numbers at the bottom of the bottle is removed as well.

As mentioned, the outer sticker is peeled off.

Happy exploring!

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($10 each)

Z11 – I’m Suzi and I’m a Chocoholic
Z12 – From A to Z-Urich
Z13 – Color So Hot It Berns
Z14 – Just A Little Rosti At This
Z15 – William Tell Me About OPI
Z16 – Ski Teal We Drop
Z17 – Diva of Geneva
Z18 – Lucerine-Tainly Look Marvelous
Z19 – Glitzerland
Z20 – Yodel Me on My Cell
Z21 – The Color to Watch
Z22 – Cuckoo For This Color

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The OPI Nice Stems Collection includes four dazzling new colors to make your nail so happy! Feminine and strong, one of the OPI Nice Stems Collection’s colors will look just right on you!

($10 each)

S10 -Play the Peonies
S20 – Come to Poppy
S40 – Be A Dahlia Won’t You?
S60 – I Lily Love You -Discontinued-

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